Iam Laura

A truly passionate of beauty world, specialized in wedding styling. Based in Barcelona and Girona


Cruelty free


I am Laura, a professional makeup artist, and beauty lover.  Specialized in makeup and hairstyle for brides and events. I am based in Barcelona and Girona (Spain).


My story starts some years ago when I was completeley unhappy with my professional career. Then, I made myself a question that changed my life,


What could I do forever without getting ever tired of it?

The answer came incredibly quick and determined to my mind: help brides get ready for her big day.

How? Doing her makeup and hairstyle.


All that has now become my job, my reality,  and I can assure you, it makes me feel alive and bring joyful moments. I am beyond grateful and so lucky to know people from other parts of the world, know their curtures, and families!

My job does not end with weddings, I also work for brands who need beauty assitance for their photoshoots and campaings. On the other  hand, I deliver makeup courses for clients who want to improve their skills with makeup. 


My passions? Luminous skins, dates and animals. That is why all my products are cruelty free. If you want to know more about my philosophy please click here.