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Bride Service

Our own adventure

Every bride should recognize herself on her wedding day

I'll be by your side!

you, more than ever

​In my opinion your wedding makeup and hairstyle should reflect your personality and enhance your features. The choosen look must define you, despite trends or rules.

Each one of us is different and unique. Make sure your personality shows through all details at your wedding. 

In my experience most of the brides have same fears at the beggining, the most common is the fear to not feel herself or to not be recognize by the others. That is why I like to build a confident environment between the bride and me is so important.


On my part, I can tell you that is fundamental for me to keep your essence and that is the reason I have made a 5 steps process for you in order to see how, step by step, we discover your perfect look.


Please, if you are interested, I kindly suggest you to visit my gallery and my socials and to fill the form below to receive more information shortly.




Nerea, 2018


Professional and close

Laura is an honest and fun professional who knew how to guide me to the best makeup look. It was a total success.

She treats skin incredibly kind and this makes the result even better. 

I don't normally wear makeup and I was a little bit lost, but I would trust her to do my makeup in thousand more weddings. Can't be luckier, perfect! 

Lorena, 2018

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-16 a las 10.

Feel yourself!

I love makeup and I always have been trying products and learn more about it. 

I reached out to her through Instagram. Finally someone who did my makeup like I wanted it and as the way I understand makeup for me. Always giving me her opinions and thought about W day. 

We did the trial, and I knew I want her to do my hair. I showed her inspirational pictures about how I wanted it (afraid because I had long and heavy hair), but done! She did it!

I must tell you I did more trials with other professionals but they weren't for me or my style. You will feel yourself with her, she is profesional and quick.

I'll contact her again for future events for sure!

Alba, 2019


¡Laura is magic!

I am one of those who didn't want to get my hair and makeup done because of the time, trials and afraid to not feel myself.

 When I first talked to Laura I felt confidence and gentleness. I can assure you, was the best decision I made. No retouch for up to 12 hours and I must tell you, there were a lot of happy tears and wind! 

She and her colleagues did hair and makeup to my family and friends and everybody was delighted.


Mariona, 2019


I can't be happier!


Laura is very professional. She loves her job, you can tell it just watching her doing makeup and hair. She just knew what I wanted it, even though I had some insecurities about my hairstyle, she make it real! At the end, as she says, every bride must be herself no matter what. If I go back I would choose her, no doubts.

I recommend her 100% !

Raquel, 2019

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-16 a las 10.


Laura is an incredible professional and better person. With few directions she knew what I was looking for and he did my hairstyle better than I would imagine it.  Guests loved it. I'll call her again for future events. 

Anna, 2019


Thoughtful, observant and perfectionist. Committed with herself, brings her personality and values to her job. You can feel the passion she has and knows how to translate it to your makeup and hairstyle respecting the uniqueness every bride has.  Laura sensed that I'd feel better with a more natural look. My hairstyle was 100% me. My neck and back were cleared up in order to enhance the shape of my dress and body.

This is my experience of choosing her to accompanied me in one of the most important days of my life. After that I go back on her when I need beauty services. 

Thank you Laura for your professionalism

Rebecca, 2019

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-16 a las 10.

Laura was a pleasure to deal with from the very beginning and I had great confidence in her! Her communication was always quick and she had some great tips for me to work on my skin in advance. I loved my make up on the day and the same for my maids of honour, I felt so beautiful as it should be on my wedding day.

I would 100% recommend Laura!

Esther, 2019

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-16 a las 10.

Thanks to you, Laura!

You gave me piece, so important in a wedding day. I would choose you one thousand times!

Wish I can see you soon.

Marta, 2020


Best experience!

Laura is an excellent professional. She helps you with your skin care for your W Day to look amazing. She's super nice and kind and knows how to bring out the best of you. We chose peachy tones and luminous skin and I can say I felt myself. Both, makeup and hairstyle were perfect all day long! 

I asked her to prepare my guests and Laura and her team did and amazing job, you can tell them work along very often. It was a super nice girly moments before the actual wedding.

I recommend her100%!

Thanks you very much Laura!

Marisa, 2020

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-16 a las 10.

Laura gives everything to each bride.

I'm very happy to have found her.  The values she shows about sustainable, cruelty free and vegan products were key for me. Because of the Covid lockdown we had to postpone our wedding for a few months and she was there for us worried about the circumstances. On the trial she tried a coupe of ideas on my hair but at the end, she asked me to try a new one she thought it'd be better for me.  She noticed my excitement on my face when I finally see the hairstyle she did. It was a really special moment for us. I'd love to point out her love for a perfect skin final look, you'll see!

Don't hesitate to choose her!

Adriana, 2020

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-16 a las 11.


Everything was amazing!

Both, makeup and hair lasted all day long. My mother's too.

We were just perfect till the end.

You are amazing!

You have been so kind to us, we are very grateful.

Eva, 2020

Captura de pantalla 2020-11-16 a las 11.

Everything was perfect!

Our guests were amazed by my makeup and hairstyle. They wouldn't stop telling me that.

Thank you very much for your work and to be with me till the end. You

Muchas gracias por tu trabajo y por estar conmigo hasta el final.

You were very supportive!

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