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​In my opinion your wedding makeup and hairstyle should reflect your personality and enhance your features. The choosen look must define you, despite trends or rules.

Each one of us is different and unique. Make sure your personality shows through all details at your wedding. 

In my experience most of the brides have same fears at the beggining, the most common is the fear to not feel herself or to not be recognize by the others. That is why I like to build a confident environment between the bride and me is so important.


On my part, I can tell you that is fundamental for me to keep your essence and that is the reason I have made a 5 steps process for you in order to see how, step by step, we discover your perfect look.


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Nerea, 2018

Lorena, 2018

Alba, 2019

Mariona, 2019

Raquel, 2019

Anna, 2019

Rebecca, 2019

Esther, 2019

Marta, 2020

Marisa, 2020

Adriana, 2020

Eva, 2020

Maqullaje novia

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